My style is highly interactive and dynamic. Meaning, I’m going to ask potent questions and offer ways to gain greater insight into your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Our time together will be collaborative. My role is to support you and provide non-judgmental feedback and guidance as your perspective expands and you move in the direction of your goals. I might reflect obstacles your aren’t seeing and I will likely invite you to explore deeper emotional levels than you would on your own.

I work primarily with successful, high-functioning, high-achievers who are seeking:
-More balance
-Increased ability to Self-regulate (manage symptoms of anxiety/depression)
-A deeper sense of well-being
-Greater authentic self-expression
-A spiritual context for life
-Enhanced communication skills
-More fulfilling interpersonal relationships
-More purpose-full ways of engaging in their lives.

I specialize in making the transcendent stuff more practical, accessible and applicable to daily life. This includes intention setting, meditation, creative visualization, and lots of other tools.
I use an eclectic psychodynamic approach drawing mostly from Humanistic therapies like Person-centered, RET, Gestalt, and Transpersonal Psychology. I also include elements of mindfulness and cognitive/behavioral therapies as well.
My mental health training includes a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica (2008) and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California (2012). I earned my status as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in July 2018.

Working as personal fitness instructor for many years paved the way to me becoming a life coach and ultimately a psychotherapist.
It was my own struggles with body-image, addiction and intimacy that called me forward to my current path of healing and service. I was tired of feeling so frustrated, angsty and alone all the time. I knew I was sabotaging my own success for many years. When I was finally ready, I sought help and I began to adjust my behaviors, the beliefs I held, and my outlook. From there my thinking and my feelings shifted too.

I feel grateful and blessed to do this work everyday. It’s an honor to support others in their journey of awakening and change.
I’m genuinely curious and fascinated with the human condition. This human experience is a trip…Our capacity to evolve, adapt, learn and heal endlessly inspires me! I’d love to explore some of that potential with you.

In case you want to know: I’m originally a Midwestern girl, enjoying the soCal life for nearly 18 years now. I love a warm sunny day – but my favorite season is still Fall. I am a proud mommy, wife and business owner. I love being barefoot, foodie adventures, fitness, farmers markets, cooking, crystals, vinyl records and sparkly stuff. My brain is filled with trivia. I think I’m pretty funny and I look younger than I am.

I work with adults and couples. I am available for teletherapy (phone/video call) as well as in-person sessions in Santa Monica, CA