Do you celebrate the victories and success of others? I do. I celebrate YOU.

I fully admit it- I’m a major consumer of social media. I check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily.

Using social media as I do – I share a lot about my life’s events and my experiences. I realized I that I love reading about and seeing photos of what other people are doing because it allows me to join in the celebration.

I know, not everyone feels this way. So I am offering you an invitation… why not celebrate other people’s wins? I know this might not seem so radical. But I’m suggesting we all take a closer look at our patterns- some of which might seem automatic.

Like, even if it is subtle, do you ever find yourself annoyed or irritated with other people’s good news? I’m inviting you try a new perspective- one that feels really good, and is likely to push your edges in a few ways.

You just might deepen your capacity for empathy, expand your current paradigm of Self and maybe just feel more happy, and more peaceful inside.

This takes awareness and is an intentional choice. I choose to recognize and remember that we are not separate. When I’m aware of this, then there is no comparison, no longing for, no jealousy… just gratitude.

I am so grateful to share the journey of waking up with all of you. Being alive is about celebrating the blessings… and to me, EVERY moment is a blessing. Even the ones that do not feel like it.

I celebrate your new relationships, your vacations, new business endeavors, marriages, pregnancies, new babies, your healthy families, anniversaries, birthdays, work and education milestones, your fame, your accomplishments… I love sharing them with you, because your glory is mine too.

And I also celebrate your challenges. I celebrate when you stumble. I really celebrate your courage for trying new things. I celebrate you for being vulnerable, and for persevering when part of you wants to quit. I celebrate the moments of frustration, rage and shame that feel unbearable and intolerable. I celebrate your honesty, your pain, your fear and your learning… because I know we are not so separate.

When one us wins, learns or wakes up even just a little bit; we all win. And to me: that’s worth celebrating!